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Mozilla announces adaptive Firefox Launcher for Android

It's all about context -- and your eyeballs.

Twitter for Android, iOS apes Facebook in showing number of retweets in feed

Twitter is rolling out a new version of its Android app that shows the number of tweets and retweets in the main feed.

HTTPS Everywhere makes Firefox for Android more secure

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's add-on forces websites to use HTTPS encryption whenever possible.

androidphones resize 2

Android hardware husbandry: Taking care of your precious phone or tablet

Hey, it’s not always about the OS. Your Android hardware will perform better and last longer if you follow a few simple best practices.



Beam your photos to the big screen with Chromecast's AllCast support

Google on Monday began offering developer tools for new Chromecast apps. AllCast immediately jumped on board.

ouya 16gb

Redesigned 16GB Ouya console is the most modest of upgrades

Ouya really wants you to give its microconsole another chance, but we're not so sure you should listen.

Researchers create Android app to show when other apps track you

The app shows users when other apps are accessing their location


reqallablenowristnew primary

Meet reqallable, the smartwatch app that rescues you from notifications overload

Intelligent algorithms can elevate communiques from important people, and suppress the emails and texts that can wait for later. But why is reQall launching on the Sony Smartwatch platform?

lg g flex

Curved smartphones: just a gimmick, or the next big thing?

Does a bent phone have a place in your pocket, or is it all a marketing ploy?

Project Ara

Google keeps Motorola's wild advanced technology team, melds it with Android

Lenovo's getting Motorola's phones, but Google's keeping the REALLY crazy stuff.