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Amazon Betas

Amazon fires second shot at Netflix with 'Betas' launch

The startup sitcom hopes brogrammer humor appeals to the masses.

TV services are finally grasping the importance of the 'second screen'

We all like to tweet or trash-talk while watching TV. Major distributors like Amazon and Sling are now building the Second Screen into their streaming services.

Amazon's Kindle Fire update brings the best of both worlds to the Fire HD and HDX

Amazon hopes to cater to both the business-centric and the couch potatoes with its updated tablets.

'Alpha House' premiere proves Amazon is serious about original TV

The company’s new original comedy isn’t worth the cost of a Prime membership, but it’s a nice bonus.

I see London, I see France, I see 8GB and 16GB versions of a 4.5-inch Moto G smartphone

An accidental early listing on Amazon gives hints of more details for the forthcoming Moto G.

Amazon's PlayStation Network Store adds full games ahead of PS4 launch

And to celebrate, Amazon's offering several limited time deals to get the PlayStation 4 party started.

Amazon, U.S. Post Office team up for Sunday deliveries

Sunday deliveries are coming to New York and L.A. ahead of a larger roll out in 2014, and weekend shipments are still free for Amazon Prime members.

Bluetooth name tags

'So, that's why it's called Bluetooth!' and other surprising tech name origins

The hidden, and occasionally accidental, history of common tech brand names.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 review: Unapologetically content-driven

If you dismiss it as "not as good as the iPad Air," you're missing an important point.

This is why Netflix must go to war with movie theater owners

The company's content chief raised the thorny old issue of release windows by suggesting that Hollywood movies should appear on Netflix on the same day they open in theaters.