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Airbnb wants you to think of belonging, not eviction, when you see its new logo

The company is trying to remake its image—literally—in the wake of legal scuffles in NYC and San Francisco.

Airbnb revamps reviews to encourage more honesty

A better ratings system will give hosts and guests more information, and hopefully lead to fewer surprises.

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Airbnb thinks outside the hotel with dinner party pilot program

Now you can break bread with the strangers whose home you’re renting, but that’ll cost a little more.

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Airbnb agrees to hand over NYC host data to attorney general

The home-sharing platform is only providing anonymized data, but that will be enough for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to sniff out illegal hotels.

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Laws? What laws? Sharing startups shrug off backlash and forge full-steam ahead

City officials are cracking down on the sharing economy, but companies like Airbnb and Lyft are fighting to legalize peer-to-peer money-making.

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It's not all sunshine, as sharing start-ups tackle big issues at industry meet-up

At a gathering of sharing economy services in San Francisco this week, internal struggles are generating as much discussion as ongoing regulatory battles.

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New York court sides with Airbnb over host records subpoena

The decision doesn’t mean Airbnb and its hosts are in the clear.

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Airbnb adds instant booking for sponteneous LA and SF trips

The feature, which will be added to more cities soon, is aimed at simplifying the booking procedure for mobile users.

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Airbnb edges into hotel territory with new commercials

No longer just a technology platform, Airbnb is readying for summer travel season an ad campaign showing off its hosts’ homes.

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Airbnb preps for New York court battle by scrubbing site of 'bad actors'

The sharing economy company is fighting a subpoena for its hosts’ information, but some of its hosts were guilty of setting up illegal hotels on the Airbnb platform.