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San Francisco wants to end Airbnb abuses with proposed rules

New regulations would require San Francisco Airbnb host to register with the city and limit rentals to 90 days a year.

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Airbnb's latest crisis: Homes used as brothels

The sharing economy company is dealing with the usual hospitality problems, and that includes prostitution.

airbnb hotel

Airbnb tries to prove it's legit by helping hosts pay taxes

A new Shared City initiative in Portland and San Francisco proves Airbnb wants play by the rules.

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Peers Petitions give sharing economy supporters a voice

A nonprofit group supported by companies like Lyft and Airbnb is trying to help people organize to bring collaborative consumption to their cities.

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Sharing startups struck it big and struck out in 2013

This year proved the sharing economy has come a long way, but has a ways to go.

Airbnb hosts take to Twitter to lobby New York lawmakers

A nonprofit group of Airbnb hosts and users is stepping up its awareness campaign about New York’s laws against short-term rentals.

Contest crowdsources tech solutions to America's problems

Code for America and MindMixer are looking for tech to solve problems bigger than faster food delivery.

Airbnb calls its hosts 'micro-entrepreneurs' who are in need of new laws

The travel-and-accommodations site is embroiled in a dispute with New York state regulators over a subpoena for information on thousands of “hosts” in the city.

Airbnb caters to its hosts with new app, community tools

A new Airbnb app provides a range of tools that previously were either hard to access on mobile or not available at all.

Airbnb proves its worth to New York: $632 million, to be exact

Lodging platform Airbnb says it offers a big boost for New York's economy, in the midst of a tax revenue fight with the state Attorney General.