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plantronics voyager legend 580

Gear on your ear: Six premium Bluetooth headsets reviewed

We tested six premium-priced Bluetooth headsets, expecting to get the cream of the phone-accessory crop. We instead found a wide range of quality, comfort, and add-ons.

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Buying Guide: Find the best Bluetooth headset or speakerphone

Thanks to the ubiquity of Bluetooth, we're spoiled by an abundance of headsets and car speakerphones. Use our buying guide to learn about the different types, know what to look for when shopping, and get specific recommendations.

Plantronics Rig review: This excellent headset's killer feature feels like a gimmick

The Rig is an excellent all-around headset with some unnecessary features that drive up the price.

Review: Razer's Kraken 7.1 headset delivers great virtual surround sound at a reasonable price

Razer’s latest headset serves up (virtual) 7.1 surround sound in a gorgeous shell.

Review: MEElectronics’s A161P In-Ear Headphones are a best buy

MEElectronics’s A161P looks modest, but it offers impressive headphone value at $129 (and even more so at street prices). It’s easy to recommend for just about anyone.

Review: AfterShokz Bluez are surprisingly comfortable

These wireless bone-conduction headphones are quite comfortable, but perhaps a tad expensive for the sound quality.

Review: AfterShokz Sports M2 are unusual fit tech headphones

AfterShokz newest wrap-around bone-conduction headphones are an improvement over the first-gen models.

Review: Supertooth HD Voice is a breeze to use in the car

The big buttons on the Supertooth HD Voice make it super easy to use in the car. Also helpful? The background noise reduction.

Review: Samsung HM3300 delivers impressive call quality

While we were thrilled with the clear and consistent call quality, the HM3300 suffers some in the features department.

Review: Motorola Roadster 2 offers handy extra features

The Roadster 2 is a Bluetooth car kit that has it's own mobile app

Review: SuperTooth Crystal is portable, easy to install

An affordable, if basic, Bluetooth car kit for hands-free conversations.

Review: Plantronics BlackWire 720 delivers top-notch call quality

This super comfortable set of Bluetooth headphones delivers great call quality, if not a consistent connection.

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