Don't-Miss MP3 player Stories

Review: 16GB fifth-generation iPod touch comes down to cash, capacity, and camera

Apple's new 16GB iPod touch model offers a lower price but makes several compromises to achieve it. If you don't need extra capacity or the rear-facing camera, it's a good choice for those wanted to get the iPod touch experience.

Review: iPod nano (7th generation) combines the best of its predecessors

With the seventh generation of the iPod nano, Apple has taken the best of the previous two generations and combined them into an iOS-inspired player that for many people will be the best nano yet.

Sony Walkman Z Series Review: A Solid Multimedia Player With Limited Storage

Sony's Z Series Tegra 2-powered Walkman is great for multimedia playback and gaming, as long as you're okay with the built in storage.

Sansa Clip Zip: A Value iPod Alternative

It’s not as small or stylish as Apple’s tiny MP3 players, but the Sansa Clip Zip provides an impressive array of features—including an FM radio, voice recorder, workout timer and microSD card slot—at very reasonable prices.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Review: A Mini Movie Theater in Your Pocket

A behemoth of a media player, the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 provides a great alternative to Apple’s iPod Touch.

The Buzz on Bluetooth: The Top Mono and Stereo Headsets, and Car Kits Too

We test the best Bluetooth products to pair with your phone, tablet, or media player--some of which come with nifty tools.


Philips GoGear Connect 3 Review: Underwhelming, Unstable Android Media Player

The GoGear Connect 3 has decent sound quality, but bugs and slow performance hold it back.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review: Capable Music and Video Player Does Android Apps, Too

The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 goes toe-to-toe against Apple's iPod army.

RIP Technology: 10 Products and Services That Died in 2011

From the Flip to Google Health, these tech losers showed promise--just not enough to keep them alive.

Build 3D Characters, Vehicles, and More With Carrara

Powerful, full-featured 3D design and modeling application Carrara has lots of existing models.

Samsung SH100: $200 Cam Uses a Phone As a Remote

On many levels, the Samsung SH100 is your average $200 point-and-shoot. But it also has a secret wireless weapon.

Best Bags to Hold Your Tech Gadgets Safely and Efficiently

Having one gadget bag to support all of your tech gear makes traveling a breeze and organization even easier. We stuffed bags from Airbak, Alchemy, Crumpler, Osprey Packs, and Tumi full of gadgets and evaluated them.

Archos 32 Internet Tablet: Close, but No Cigar

This shirt-pocket-size Android digital media player sounds great and looks like a smartphone, but its less-than-stellar display holds it back.