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Bowers & Wilkins T7 Portable Wireless Speaker review: Big sound with a few small problems

Few Bluetooth speakers sound or look as good as the T7 Portable Wireless Speaker, but it has some flaws.

Fitness watch faceoff: Fitbit Blaze vs. Fitbit Surge

Which Fitbit is a better all around fitness watch, Blaze or Surge? How does each option compare to the popular Apple Watch smartwatch? This hands-on video answers these questions and more.

LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

Having trouble choosing between two of this year's biggest flagships? Let us help.

Enterprise showdown: Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S vs. Microsoft's Surface Pro 4's Sarah White compares two of today's top of the line tablets that are designed to replace your laptop. Do they fit the bill?

LG G5 review: High ambitions, middling execution

Love the manual camera controls. Love the display. The battery-swapping scheme is better than ever, but the LG G5 still has a few problems.

9.7-inch iPad Pro review: Pretty fly for a small fry

Go ahead, save a couple hundred bucks by picking the 9.7-inch iPad Pro over the 12.9-inch model. It's sized much better and barely compromises at all.

iPhone SE review: Its small size really does matter

It’s got a smaller screen and a smaller price tag to match, but the iPhone SE doesn’t compromise—it’s nearly as capable as Apple’s flagship iPhone 6s.

How to tell if the GS7 or GS7 Edge is right for you

Is the Galaxy S7 edge worth a $100 or more than the smaller GS7? Does the edge's curved display really do anything valuable, or just look cool? This hands-on GS7 versus GS7 edge video answers these questions and more.

LG G5: First impressions after 24 hours of testing

With pre-production hardware in hand, Greenbot and PCWorld editor-in-chief Jon Phillips breaks down the highs and lows of the new LG G5 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and GS7 Edge Review

Samsung's latest flagship devices are impressive, but are only worth the upgrade if you don't have last year's devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Samsung's latest flagship devices are impressive, but are only worth the upgrade if you don't already have last year's devices.

tablettv tpod

TabletTV review: Live from your iPad, it’s local TV, no subscription necessary

TabletTV delivers live or recorded television to your iPad from a small palm-sized tuner, no subscription required.

cio gift guide chargers

7 must-have wireless charging gadgets

These seven wireless charging devices can make powering up much less painful. Most are relatively affordable and they're great gifts for your loved ones — or for you.