Don't-Miss Home tech Stories

Flower Power

Flower Power review: This gardening gadget helps your plants thrive

Flower Power gives your plants a voice, so they can tell you what they need. And hopefully you'll stop killing every plant that comes into your home.

viper door sensor red

Viper Home Starter Kit review: It's the software, stupid

The Viper Home Starter Kit is nearly effortless to set up. Well. The hardware is at least.

tcp bulbsremote 2

Connected by TCP review: Smart lighting 101

Upgrade the easy way: Add super simple app-controlled lighting to your love shack.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat review: Call it the anti-Nest

As colorful as Honeywell's programmable thermostat is, it's just not very pretty.

Dropcam Pro review: Enhance your Wi-Fi video like a crime-scene investigator

Catching bad guys (or bad dogs) in random acts of mischief has never been easier.

Review: Come rain or shine, Netatmo's Weather Station provides a personalized forecast

There are thousands of weather apps out there, but they can't tell you what the temperature is at your house specifically.

Best tech gifts for grads entering the job-free hellscape of 2013

Here are some tech-y gift suggestions for the college grads in your life as they prepare to enter a horrible economy that your generation helped bring about. We're not saying you should feel guilty, but maybe buy them something nice.

Review: Nexia Home Intelligence system is less than the sum of its parts

Schlage's Nexia Home Intelligence system is a good home-control system, but it's not as strong as Lowes's Iris package, which costs just $1 more per month to operate.

Review: Ninja Standing Desk is perfect for the traveling office ninja in your life

Dan McDonley's Ninja Standing Desk is a beautiful use of $159 and a great (if unconventional) way to start standing at work.

Review: Create a local file server with Kanex's meDrive

The meDrive is a way to put an unused USB hard drive to good use by providing file server capabilities.

Review: LifeSpan's Bluetooth-enabled treadmill desk is flawed but functional

Lex Friedman uses a treadmill desk, and jumped—or at least walked briskly—at the chance to review a Bluetooth-enabled model from LifeSpan. Though it works, it's not incredible, he says.

Go green and save money with a programmable thermostat

We put three programmable thermostats to the test to find out which is the most powerful, flexible, likely to reduce your energy bill.

Review: Apple's Remote app gets a new iPad interface, support for Up Next

The third version of Apple's iTunes and Apple TV controller may be the nicest yet, thanks to interface improvements and support for new iTunes 11 features.


Best Products of 2012: Home Technology

PCWorld editors select the year's best home technology products.

Review: Time Command is a spartan iOS alarm-clock dock

Stem Innovation's Time Command marries an iOS app with an alarm clock, with mixed results. But it does manage to throw at least one unique feature into the mix.