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white paper | Presented by OneLogin

Modern Identity: Addressing Risk, Complexity & User Experience

From small businesses, startups, enterprises and global conglomerates across all verticals; to local, state and federal governments: to educational institutions and nonprofits, we are continuously investing in our employees, devices, applications, networks and infrastructure that enable us to drive our collective missions forward.

ebook | Presented by OneLogin

Securing the Cloud for the Modern Enterprise

In this ebook,we dive into how identity management streamlines access to the cloud while protecting corporate data.

white paper | Presented by OneLogin

The Total Economic Impact of OneLogic

OneLogin,an innovator in enterprise identity management, provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for managing internal and external users across all devices and applications.

white paper | Presented by OneLogin

Top Trends Shaping IAM in 2017

For today's digital businesses, identity and access management (IAM) involves far more than just provisioning and enforcing employee access to corporate resources.

research/infographic | Presented by Cisco

Cloud Going Mainstream: All Are Trying, Some Are Benefiting; Few Are Maximizing Value

See how Cisco and IDC address the challenges of devising a strategy that transforms the data center for a multi-cloud world.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

The Essential Guide To Workplace Modernization Through Next-Generation Unified Communications

This a critical time for IT decision makers. Digital transformation isn't a passing fad. It's the future. Find out how Cisco can help you modernize collaboration through next-generation unified communications.

white paper | Presented by Cisco

5 Business trends that will change the way your team works together.

There's nothing like the feeling of having people from across your business collaborate to generate a creative idea and then fan it out throughout the organization. But these moments of inspiration and agility don't come often-and they're getting harder to achieve.

white paper | Presented by NaviSite

Quick Tips - Why Choose a Managed Service for Microsoft Azure®: 6 Reasons to Take a Close Look at Navisite

If you are an enterprise that's serious about the cloud, Microsoft Azure is likely on your radar. Azure is today's fastest growing cloud platform and given that momentum-plus Microsoft's scale, capacity for innovation and entrenched position in the IT world-it's currently a favorite for becoming the leading cloud choice among CIOs.

white paper | Presented by NaviSite

Service Brief - Managed Cloud Infrastructure

As an experienced, managed multi-cloud provider, Navisite offers two unique Managed Cloud platforms to choose from: Managed NaviCloud® and Managed Azure®. Navisite's Managed NaviCloud platform leverages VMware's powerful hypervisor and is designed to integrate with our wider portfolio of managed services offerings.

white paper | Presented by NaviSite

Tech Brief: Managed Azure

With Managed Azure, customers benefit from the union of 24/7/365 expert cloud monitoring and management by Navisite and an Azure environment provisioned into one of Microsoft's data centers. Azure is designed for rapid scaling of cloud native applications (apps) and to support integration with other Microsoft solutions. .

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