Manufacturer’s Description

Always on the go- No more worries about running out of battery power! You can power your Laptop with this 6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery from Dell. With a capacity of up to 48 WHr, the battery lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations. This battery provides uninterrupted reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

The Specs

Warranty Information 1 Year Limited
Quick Glance
Product Type Notebook Battery
Number of Cells 6
Product Compatibility Dell Inspiron Notebooks: 13R (3010-D330) 13R (3010-D370HK) 13R (3010-D430) 13R (3010-D460H)K 13R (3010-D520) 13R (N3010) 13R (N3010D-148) 13R (N3010D-168) 13R (N3010D-178) 13R (N3010D-248) 13R (N3010D-268) 13R (T510431TW) 13R (T510432TW) 13R(3010-D370TW) 13R(3010-D381) 13R(3010-D460TW) 13R(3010-D480) 13R(3010-D621) 13R(Ins13RD-348) 13R(Ins13RD-438) 13R(Ins13RD-448) 13R(Ins13RD-448LR) 14R (4010-D330) 14R (4010-D370HK) 14R (4010-D370TW) 14R (4010-D381) 14R (4010-D382) 14R (4010-D430) 14R (4010-D460HK) 14R (4010-D480) 14R (4010-D520) 14R (Ins14RD-438) 14R (Ins14RD-448B) 14R (Ins14RD-458) 14R (N4010) 14R (N4010D-248) 14R (N4010D-258) 14R (N4110) 14R (T510401TW) 14R (T510402TW) 14R (T510403TW) 14R(4010-D460TW) 15R (5010-D330) 15R (5010-D370HK) 15R (5010-D382) 15R (5010-D430) 15R (5010-D460HK) 15R (5010-D480) 15R (5010-D481) 15R (5010-D520) 15R (N5010) 15R (N5010D-258) 15R (N5010D-278) 15R (N5110) 15R(Ins15RD-458B) 15R(Ins15RD-488) 17R (N7010) 17R (N7110) M501 M5010 M5010D M5010R M501D M501R M5030 M5030D M5030R N3010 N3010D N3010R N3110 N4010 N4010-148 N4010D N4010D-158 N4010R N4110 N5010 N5010D-148 N5010D-168 N5010R N5030 N5030D N5030R N5040 N5110 N7010 N7010D N7010R N7110 Dell Vostro Notebooks: Vostro 1440 Vostro 1450 Vostro 1540 Vostro 3450 Vostro 3450n Vostro 3550 Vostro 3550n Vostro 3750 Vostro 3750n
Product Type Notebook Battery
Battery Technology Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Number of Cells 6
Battery Capacity 4400 mAh

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