Manufacturer’s Description

Letterman is the most effective anti-spam solution available today. It is about intelligence, total control and effectiveness. No more time and bandwidth is wasted in downloading spams! Conserves dial-up network bandwidth. Unlike traditional spam filtering product which waste time in scanning the entire mail content before performing spam identification, Spam emails were deleted directly from the mail server before they were allowed to get into your Inbox, and thus greatly increase your bandwidth efficiency. The program arrives pre-configure, using heuristic and flexible rules engine to identify spam. It's unique 'fuzzy logic' engines is highly effective in filtering spam without obstructing your legitimate mail. Spammers are so cunning that they always use different combination in words like: vi@g0ra!, XAN3A.X, via gra, V1AgR@, V.ia_gr^a, V.I.A.G.R.A. Letterman guarantees 100% filtering on this cunning technique just right after the installation! Letterman rates and sorts messages in an easy view multi-sort grid, you can even see how the software rates a spam and lets you fine turn them (including system rules). Easy to Use: start working immediately by just add your email accounts and check mail with it. Features: *Traffic and time saving. *No more your mailbox is full notification while on vocation! *Blocking up to 97~100% of all incoming spam and lets you block all messages from senders that are not in your friends' list. *Permits a range of user-defined actions including deleting, rating, notifying and protecting. No more false positives! *Just two clicks to create your own rule. *Support web-based Hotmail/MSN and Yahoo email accounts. *Work with any email programs. (e.g. MS Outlook, Eudora... etc) *Blocks foreign-language spam (including CJK east Asia) *Imports addresses to the friends list from various address books. *Protects children from inappropriate email. *Filters email from multiple accounts. *Blocks dictionary attacks. *Full printable Excel logs.

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The Specs

Requirements Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
Download Details
License Type Shareware
Trial Length 30 Days
File Size 3.99 MB
Total Downloads 224