Manufacturer’s Description

MoSt is an application that monitors your dial-up connections. Key features: * Easy user-friendly interface * Works under Windows 98/Me as well as NT/2000/XP * Supports all localized (i.e. French or Russian) versions of Windows * Highly optimized code - doesn't reduce overall system performance * Colored graph and detailed text information * Dialing and Disconnect capabilities * Simple yet powerful Preferences dialog * Sound on (dis)connect * Docking window * Minimize on double click and ALT-Z hokey * IP in tray icon's tool tip * Minimize-to-tray option * Run on system startup option * Advanced logging and statistic analyzing * Various window styles * Advanced menu option * English and Russian interface versions * ~150 Kb setup - quick download (~5 min.) * ... and many other stuff. Try it for free! You can download and use Modem Statistic for 15 days. Then, you must pay $20 or stop using it. Feedback / support:

The Specs

Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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License Type Shareware
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