Manufacturer’s Description

WireFusion is a professional authoring tool for interactive plugin-free Web3D presentations. Development is done by visually connecting preprogrammed objects or by coding in Java. Flash is supported and can be combined with 3D models. Add-ons for MPEG video, MP3 sound, Zoom and more are available. General Features: - No browser Plug-in needed to view presentations - Comprehensive visual tools for logic creation - Short-Time-to-Market - Supports 3D Models Specified in VRML Format - Supports Macromedia Flash (SWF) Animations - Supports MPEG Video and MP3 Audio - Java language support for advanced scripting - JavaScript support for external communication - Robust 2D Authoring Capabilities 3D Features: - Supports the VRML 97/2.0 file format - Shadings: Reflection, Phong, Gouraud, Wireframe, Contour, Constant, Flat - Navigation: Examine mode and Walk mode with collision detection - Bilinear filtering - MIP mapping - Real-time shadows - Anti-aliasing - 256 levels of transparency - Overlapping transparent surfaces - 32-bit color depth rendering - True 32-bit z-buffer - Backface culling - 3D clipping - UV texture mapping - Texture opacity - Alpha channel - Streaming - Compression - Encryption

The Specs

Requirements 256 MB RAM,1024x768 resolution
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
Download Details
License Type Shareware
Trial Length 30 Days
File Size 31.379 MB
Total Downloads 286