Author AvantGo
Downloads Count 41,851
License Type Free
Date Added Feb 3, 2005
Operating Systems
  • Palm OS
Description AvantGo packages Web content for handheld consumption, providing access to an impressive collection of magazines and newspapers. Delve a little further into the site and you find a mind-boggling selection of content providers. AvantGo says it now offers more than a thousand content channels, which in addition to publications services such as Mapquest maps and movie listings. You can also add your own RSS feeds.

AvantGo '05 improves on previous versions by giving you more flexibility in obtaining updates via a wireless connection. For example, you can now pick which of your channels you want to update, so you don't have to waste time and bandwidth downloading content that you don't want to check on immediately.

You can also manage your channel subscriptions from your handheld, either adding or removing ones you no longer want. You can search the channels in real time, and if you don't see what you want in a channel, you can browse the Web wirelessly from within the AvantGo client.

AvantGo's improvements aren't just about speed or functionality: The software itself has a new, contemporary look that you can customize by choosing from several fonts and color schemes. You can also customize the layout of your channels.

--Yardena Arar

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