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Description Fahrenheit - Temperature on your Home Screen! Fahrenheit is a stunning new weather application that uses latest technology to show you the current temperature of any location right on your iPhone/iPad Home Screen! Beyond the real-time temperature on the Home Screen Fahrenheit also is the number one weather application giving you very detailed weather information of unlimited cities world wide, packed in a gorgeous design and easy-to-use user interface! TEMPERATURE IN THE ICON BADGE Fahrenheit is backed by an online web server that uses Push Technology to push the current temperature of any location to your iDevice. This makes it possible to always automatically have the up-to-date temperature displayed in the red badge at the top-right of the Fahrenheit icon on your Home Screen. Fahrenheit supports all iOS Devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs/3G, iPad 2, iPad and all iPod Touch devices! It is not possible to display the temperature in Celsius. You have to download the Celsius application instead. FULL FEATURED WEATHER APPLICATION Fahrenheit brings you all weather information available for every location in the world and a 10-day forecast. In addition to these powerful forecasting features, Fahrenheit provides more comprehensive weather information. This includes detailed information regarding cloud cover and rainfall totals. Fahrenheit also gives users information about sunrise and sunset times. Many users also enjoy the real time wind direction feature, which utilizes a display arrow on screen to indicate the wind direction at any time thanks to the built in magnetometer. OVERVIEW OF THE DETAILED WEATHER FEATURES - Current temperature in Fahrenheit - Current conditions - Current humidity - Current pressure - Current dew point temperature - Current feels like temperature - 3-hourly clouds radar (up to 2 days) - 10 day forecast - Maximum and minimum temperature per day - Wind direction per day - Weather condition per day - Precipitation per day - Sunrise/sunset per day - UV Index per day - 3-hourly forecast for 10 day's - 3-hourly condition and temperature for 10 day's UPGRADE We have an in app upgrade available to add the following maps to the application: - 3-hourly rain radar (up to 2 days) - 3-hourly satellite maps (of the last 2 days) - Wind speed maps MORE FEATURES - Possibility to add unlimited cities - Knows about any city in the world - Possibility to change the distance unit - Possibility to change several notification settings. - Twitter integration - Facebook Integration FAHRENHEIT - TEMPERATURE ON YOUR HOME SCREEN Overall, Fahrenheit is practical and powerful, with basic weather information ready at a moment's notice. For more in depth weather needs, the app provides a detailed overview, with an impressive array of real time information from anywhere around the world. All this makes Fahrenheit one application that should be installed on every iPod, iPhone and iPad!