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Description Hound is instant music search with your voice: speak it, get it. If you love the famously fast music recognition in the SoundHound App, you're also going to love Hound: now you can just say the name of a song or band you already know to get instant gratification: ♪ Lyrics ♪ Song previews and full length videos ♪ Artist top songs, tour dates, and bios ♪ Instant sharing to Twitter and Facebook ♪ A full interactive iPod player to power your own library with lyrics and artist links ♪ NEW full screen lyrics: go landscape on a song or player page see big, beautiful lyrics Hound will revolutionize the way you search for music. No need to type or tap, just hound it. It's easy: - Tap the Hound button. - Speak immediately and clearly, into your iPhone's microphone (bottom of device or through mic-enabled headsets on iPods). You can say a song and artist like “Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars." Or you can just say a band's name or a song title: “Mumford & Sons” or "Fall for You." - After speaking, tap the Hound button again. - (Power user tip for even faster response: you can also press and hold the Hound button, speak, and then release the button.) Hound can be your "wow" voice search app: - When your best friend or favorite DJ tells you about a band and you need to know more: just say the band's name to get their tour dates and bio, or say a song's name to grab those lyrics you missed or buy the track on iTunes. - When you need instant sharing to Facebook or Twitter: just say the name of a band or song then tap the big "share" button. - When you want to play a song that you have on your iPhone: just say the song and artist name, then tap the iPod icon that appears on the song page and you'll be listening to the song within seconds. Note: Thank you for downloading and using Hound, a free, ad-supported app. We are growing our database daily and we love feedback. If we don't seem to have a song or artist you're looking for, or if you have any other suggestions, please let us know through email at