• Terrific-sounding audio
  • WebOS has a slick, tablet-friendly design


  • Slow performance
  • Limited functionality
  • Poor app selection

At A Glance

The first WebOS tablet gets some things right, but stumbles more than it succeeds.

Manufacturer’s Description

Super natural.

Works like you, so you get more done.

The new HP TouchPad is designed to work like you. Letting you connect, play, surf, and share more easily. No barriers. No complications. Just a seamless flow from one thing to the next. TouchPad. There's nothing like it.

HP TouchPad

It's designed to work like you do, so you can accomplish more. TouchPad gives you a seamless way to move back and forth between all the things you're working on. With a large, brilliant screen, you see your related activities grouped together automatically-so you stay organized. Everything's open, and you never lose your place. If a call or text message arrives on your HP webOS smartphone, you can answer or reply right from TouchPad. Not to mention share webpages with compatible webOS devices. Plus you experience more of the web, thanks to support for Adobe Flash Player.