At A Glance

The FlexStand for iPad is a lightweight and flexible iPad stand that holds your tablet snugly but is easy to manipulate. If you don't use an iPad case, or if you don't mind removing it to use the stand, the FlexStand is a versatile, well-designed, and inexpensive product.

Manufacturer’s Description

The M-Edge FlexStand Bookstand joins the family of tablet accessories designed to protect, personalize, and enhance the iPad experience. The stand offers corner protection for the iPad 1 & 2, while its "Flex feet" allow for easy insertion and removal of the device. "Flex legs" allow users to place the device in desired positions, such as landscape and portrait, for easy use on flat and sloped surfaces. The stand is durable and engineered to protect the iPad from wear and tear while at home or on-the-go.

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FlexStand for iPad