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Description Helios is a Sun Position Calculator that graphically represents the position of the sun from dusk to dawn, on any given day, in any given place.

Designed as an aid to Cinematographers and Stills Photographers working in natural light, Helios is essential to anyone who needs to plan a day around the constantly changing character of sunlight. Helios works without a network connection, though some functions are enhanced when connected to the internet.

Gaffers, Grips, Location Managers, Production Designers and First Assistant Directors will already be aware of the value of this information. Other professionals, from Architects and Surveyors to Electricians and Landscape Gardeners can now predict sun exposure in the field, without the need for complex tables or graphs. This information can be emailed and then printed from within the application.

Helios operates in 4 modes:

HelioMeter View is a graphical representation of the sun's predicted position on a compass dial (azimuth) for any time of day, showing the sun's elevation and proportional length of shadow an object would cast.

SkyMap View represents both the sun's path in the sky through the day and the direction of sunlight shown over a map of your location

Clinometer View shows the sun's elevation at any given time in the day. Essentially an electronic inclinometer that reads in both time and angle. A compass in this view allows observation of both elevation and azimuth.

HelioData View provides numerical information where figures are preferable. This data can be sent via email from within Helios.

While the accelerometer (inclinometer) and magnetometer (digital compass) of your iPhone are reasonably accurate, we think it wise to keep a high quality analogue device like the Suunto Tandem on hand for critical readings of elevation and azimuth.