• Licensing prices are competitive
  • Adds great interactive features to QuarkXPress
  • Opens a new field for designers


  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex preview requires several steps
  • No files provided to customize the bookstore app

Manufacturer’s Description

QuarkXPress is professional design and publishing software for print and digital media. Millions of designers — both professional and casual — have called on QuarkXPress for more than 25 years to achieve their print and digital design and publishing goals. With QuarkXPress: ■ Print designers are right at home with digital publishing, interactive content, and Web content ■ You can easily convert content from print to digital format ■ You can synchronize content between print layouts, digital projects, and designs for different tablet orientations ■ You can share color definitions, style sheets, and other resources between different types of layouts ■ You only have to learn one skill set to design for multiple media — so you’re more productive, faster Adding digital design and publishing skills to your portfolio can open a world of new opportunities, both for you and for your clients

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