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Description Create your own custom movie listings with Wigglehop and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Send them as movie invitations over SMS and Email. Wigglehop is fast, easy to use, and lets you focus on just your favorite theaters, movies, and showtimes. JUST YOUR FAVORITE THEATERS • Use the auto-location button or enter one by hand • Scan your list of movie theaters ordered by distance; closest to farthest • Theaters are off by default—tap your favorite theaters to turn them on • Now you’ll only see movies from your favorite theaters ONLY THE MOVIES YOU WANT • Scan your list of movies ordered by release; newest to oldest • Movie titles are off by default—tap the ones you like to turn them on • Now you’ll only see showtimes for movies you like SHOWTIMES YOU CAN MAKE • Scan your list of showtimes ordered by time of day; earliest to latest • Showtimes are off by default—tap the ones you like to turn them on • Now you’ll only see movies you like, from your favorite theaters, when you want to see them MOVIE PLANS MADE TO ORDER • Create your movie plans ahead of time and check in with them later when you’re out on the town • Open all of the movies you might want to see so you have backups to choose from when you’re ready to leave the house or restaurant • Create a time window of showtimes to choose from so you can leave the house or restaurant when you’re ready to • Open movies and times you think your friends might like too, so everyone can brainstorm from a single movie plan—right there at dinner, or on the street COOL FEATURES • Movies that have already played for the day are dropped from the list • Turn off clock hours you aren’t interested in to shorten your showtimes list • Every planned showtime features a countdown clock • Movie details include Twitter-length synopsis, MPAA rating, running time, and on the iPad, star and director credits FEATURED IN APP STORE ESSENTIALS: APPS FOR MOVIE LOVERS FEATURED IN THE APP STORE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION: WHAT’S HOT