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Description Scan any QR code from your camera, read from QRs shown in Android browser, saved in your SD card or any QR image given its Internet URL. ★NEW VERSION AVAILABLE★ "QR Droid 4 Beta" has been released with a lot of new features! It's published as a different app while it's still beta. Try it out now! Touch "View more applications" under "Developer Info" to find it. ★Basic usage sample★ (Sharing a Contact to a friend) • Open QR Droid and select first option: "Contact" • Select contact you want to share • Here, you’ll be able to select exactly what to share. To share everything, just press top-right button to create a QR code. That code will contain all contact information • Your friend opens QR Droid and selects option "Camera" • His camera opens and he points it to your screen (which is still showing created QR code) • QR Droid will recognize Contact information and your friend will be able to save it, or directly make a call ... done! Your contact is in your friend’s phone, without using Bluetooth, WiFi, cable or anything else. • NEW: Create QR codes from your computer: • If you can't download QR Droid from the Market, get it here: Create QR codes from your contacts, bookmarks and installed applications; browse and search them, select an item and choose exactly what information to encode. Generate QR codes for calendar events, phone numbers, GEO-locations, SMS, or any text you want. Give any color you want and create short URLs for your generated images! Additionally, there's a complete history of every QR code that has been created or decoded ★Tips & Help★ • About QR codes • For Web masters and Android developers: Offer QR codes-services in one step! • Install Android apps with QR codes shown in Web pages: • Scan QR codes when browsing them in your Android: • Please visit developer's web page ( to read more information, help, tips and more. ★IMPORTANT★ • This is a free, ads-supported app. Ads can be removed with a small donation • QR codes *MUST NOT* be used with confidential/secret information • If you don't want to grant access to "Your personal information", try "QR Droid Private", which removes 2 features that use that permission. We respect your privacy. • Uses ZXing library. Apache License 2.0 • Some devices don't allow apps to turn flashlight ON and OFF, so this feature could not work rated QR Droid "5.0 out of 5 stars"! Read this and other reviews here: Keywords: QR, generator, contact, url, shorten, application, share, phone, number, calendar, event, text, geo, quickmark, geolocation, location, sms, processor, encoder, creator, maker, reader, decoder, private, privacy, permission, qr code reader, red, laser, biz, qr scanner, qr code scanner, barcode scanner, 2d barcode reader, barcode scaner, barcode scan, color, logo, custom Recent changes: Read more: • Fixed bug that can produce high battery consumption on some devices. Please reboot your device after updating to v3.9 to take full advantage of this. • Flashlight shortcut is now compatible with more devices, however it can't work on all models • Improved decoding of saved QR images, and from URLs • Generated QR codes and short URLs can now use short domain • Generated links to Android Market can now be shortened too • Other improvements Content rating: Low Maturity