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Description Taptu is a social news feed reader that puts all of the stuff you're into in one beautiful app. Taptu lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the content from your favorite web sites and blogs via RSS and transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. Or add, one of our specially curated streams on a variety of topics and genres. Found a news article or stream you like? Share it via Facebook, Twitter, email. Or, save it to read later using Instapaper. ************ Dear customers, due to a technical issue some of you might not haven gotten any anwers to emails sent to us. On behalf of Taptu, I'd like to apologize sincerely for this glitch and I'll send you your answers ASAP. Mareike, Taptu Team ************ Features: * Support for Android Tablets (Honeycomb) * Discover thousands of streams on your favorite topics from a wide variety of web sites, blogs, newspapers and magazines in the StreamStore. * Search for RSS Feeds using Bing to convert into streams. * Google Reader: Import up to 100 of your RSS feeds from Google Reader and convert them into Streams. * DJ Your News: Mash, mix, and merge your feeds into one stream. For example, you can take 10 different feeds, blend them into one stream, rename the stream and watch the stories flow into one place. * Add as many Facebook or Twitter accounts as you want, add your LinkedIn account as well. * Update your status, Like and Comment from your Facebook stream: See something a friend has sent that you want to Like or Comment on? Do it right inside the app. * Tweet, RT, Quote a Tweet from your Twitter stream: Someone you follow on Twitter has tweeted an interesting tweet, Quote it and add your comments or RT directly from Taptu. * Share with friends: Share stories with your friends on Twitter and Facebook * See full articles that friends share via Twitter and Facebook: Taptu will convert links your friends share into a full article view * No time to read now? Bookmark articles to read later, or save to Instapaper. * Widget for your home screen (support for multiple widgets) * Fast, even on slow 2G (GPRS) networks Press Reviews: VentureBeat: “…A deeper news reading experience than most competitors, in particular because I was able to easily combine news sources…the app also does a great job of recommending stories.” AndroidTapp: “…Taptu allows for more customization and provides an easier reading experience. Taptu also provides extra peace of mind with the ability to back up your news streams and allows users to fully customize their news reading experience with the ability to merge feeds. For now Taptu is the news reader to beat.” The Register: “A good news aggregator should be able to pull information from a broad range of sources, present it in a clear and easily navigable format, and make it as easy as pie to find, add, remove and edit feeds. For me the app that best ticks all those boxes on Android is Taptu.” – Android Police: “Taptu: Social Media + News + Eye Candy = Success: Overall, this is probably the best news reader I’ve come across on Android. It looks GORGEOUS, is incredibly smooth, and integrates my social networking on Twitter and Facebook…” Get in Touch: We love feedback! Please say hello and let us know how we’re doing, whether you hate it, love it, or have an idea to improve Taptu. We can be reached on: @Taptu on Twitter, on Facebook, or at Thanks! Recent changes: * Mark all stories of a stream as read * UI improvements and bug fixing * Link to FAQ (found under Information button and Settings) Content rating: Low Maturity