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Description Bubble Blast Halloween is a puzzle game in which you burst Halloween characters to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them. 2 game modes are available - Puzzle mode with 2500 levels ! - Arcade mode to play freely Global scores provided by Scoreloop App2sd. Don't forget that we test and validate ALL levels manualy before release them... If you like this game, give a try to our others Bubble Blast Editions : - Bubble Blast ! - Bubble Blast 2 - Bubble Blast Holiday - Bubble Blast Valentine - Bubble Blast Saint Patrick's Day [NEW] Recent changes: V1.0.10 - Added 14 new level packs of 100 levels ! (NOW 2500 Levels !) - Fixed a Galaxy S II specific crash bug - Improved performances - Revamped the progression save state V1.0.9 - Fixed layout problems for Galaxy Tab V1.0.8 - Added a new level pack of 100 levels ! - Optimized rendering, speed for all Android OS (1.5 to 3.0) and screen sizes. Thank you Daniel for your precious tips ! - Fixed layout problems for tablets (Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Archos 101, etc...) - Improved graphics Enjoy ! Content rating: Everyone