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Price $40.00
Description ***Please update BOTH Unlocker and PowerAMP Trial (it's the main app) if you're experiencing any issues with the license.*** This application unlocks PowerAMP (Trial), powerful music player for Android. Please install PowerAMP Music Player (Trial) application first. Unlocker removes the trial period limitation. UPDATE: please don't try to update if you purchased Unlocker on PowerAMP site, as Market Unlocker is not the same. Just keep your current Unlocker as is. IMPORTANT: Please install "PowerAMP Music Player (Trial)" first - it's the main application. Full Version Unlocker is a plugin for PowerAMP (Trial) which transforms it into Full Version. Unlocker is a license key. ***Please update your Full Version via PowerAMP (Trial) update*** Recent changes: - Unlocker now can suggest to download PowerAMP main app if it's missing - Unlocker app can optionally have launcher icon - Unlocker now can be moved to SD card - please don't try to update Unlocker from Market, if you purchased it on PowerAMP site Content rating: Medium Maturity