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Price Free
Description RedLaser ―― Impossibly accurate barcode scanning.

► Now free to download!

✓ Shop smarter. RedLaser searches for low online and local (NEW) prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. Now features TheFind Product Search as well as Google Product Search in US, UK!

✓ Scan faster. Even without autofocus! RedLaser uses state-of-the-art barcode recognition that can read virtually any product barcode. Works great on the first-gen, 3G, and 3GS!

● Features ●

✓ Scans UPC, EAN, UPC-E and EAN-8 (NEW) barcodes!
✓ (US, UK) Searches for prices with TheFind Product Search as well as Google Product Search
✓ Local search powered by TheFind
✓ Email a list of products
✓ Send barcodes as email attachment ― Great for inventory!
✓ Search ANY website using a custom URL (How-To at
✓ Automatic search localization for USD, EUR, and GBP
✓ Local search now locates books in nearby libraries

● Coverage ●

"Any iPhone users shopping this weekend should be armed with RedLaser."
― USA Today

"Best Shopping Tool"
― Macworld, 2009 App Gems

"It's great for comparison shopping, reading product reviews, or simply making note of a specific product for later"
― Martha Stewart Living

● Testimonials ●

"Love the app - really amazing. I live in the UK and just went round my house scanning as many barcodes as I could find."
― Jim

"Dude, this is an absolutely amazing app. It's totally addictive... other barcode readers are nothing compared to this!"
― Chris

"Just wanted to congratulate you on this app. Its quite genius! It works on the oddest of products."
― Justin

"The red laser app is seriously amazing! It has made buying items for my new house a pleasure rather than a chore!"
- James

● Tips ●

► Did you know RedLaser has settings you can configure? Just tap 'Settings' from your iPhone home screen and look for RedLaser.

► ATTRIBUTION: RedLaser uses two separate algorithms for recognizing barcodes. One is part of the ZXing Project: which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Full: