At A Glance

The vacation-friendly EX-H20G has a 10X-optical-zoom lens, great GPS features, and in-camera mapping. It's a top performer in daylight, but it lacks manual controls and a few key features.

Manufacturer’s Description

The EX-H20G is equipped with a Hybrid GPS system that combines a GPS engine with autonomic positioning made possible by a motion sensor. The system sets a new standard for geotagging and offers exciting new ways to use a digital camera. With the new EXILIM Engine HS, the EX-H20G features all of the essential capabilities expected from a camera. When used with Casio's Single Frame SR Zoom function, the 24mm wide-angle, 10X Optical Zoom lens actually offers a 15X Zoom range that maintains the image quality needed for 14.1 Megapixel high-resolution photography.