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Description 50% OFF SALE! - ENDING SOON - SAVE $10 ON THE PRICE OF IBIRD PRO. ■ Now installs to SD Card by default. Please be aware the 425 MB database is always stored on the SD Card. The 13 MB app may or may not be run from the SD card - it depends on several factors which are explained in Note 1 at the bottom of this description. iBird Pro: Macworld’s best reference app of 2009 comes to Android. Covers 924 species of North America, over 1000 drawings, 2500 photos, 5 hours of song recordings from the Cornell Ornithology Lab. In depth descriptions, search engine to ID birds by color, shape, habitat, and more plus color range maps & lifetime updates. Only uses 13MB of RAM; entire 400MB database is on SD Card. Bird by Bird installer vastly simplifies installation with download manager for sounds, illustrations and photos. Can sync over any kind of network but wifi is recommended. If you use iBird in the field, please do so responsibly. We recommend the American Birding Association's Code of Ethics (, particularly section 1(b), for guidance. Notes (1) iBird's large database is always installed on the SD-Card. Also the default installation for the iBird application is on the SD-Card provided your device allows it. To check if iBird is installed on the SD-Card go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > iBird Pro. If a button is labeled "Move to device" it means the app is already installed on the SD-Card. If the button is labeled "Move to SD-Card" it means the app is stored on the device. Press the button to move it to the SD-Card. If the button labeled "Move to SD Card" is disabled (label is dim) it means the app can't be moved to the SD Card. Reasons for this are a) there is not enough space left on the SD Card, b) the Android OS is lower than 2.1 or c) your device does not allow the app to be installed on the SD Card. (2) If you need tech support please go to and fill out the form. It will help us diagnosis your problem. (3) Thanks to everyone for your supportive emails and comments. Please know we are always trying to improve iBird so if you have any requests or suggestions please let us know. Our motto: "If it ain't broke, break it". Recent changes: Bug fixes.