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Description * This is FREE and only does as described! PRO version does more and is featured on Life Hacker. Best and cheapest! * Browse, download and stream individual files that are on your Android device, using a web browser via a WiFi connection. No more taking your phone apart to get the SD card out or grabbing your cable to access your camera pics or copy across your fave MP3s. ------ FEATURES 1. Using a web browser, you can browse and download all the files on your Android device without the need for a cable; 2. Stream individual music and video files from your Android device straight to a web browser; 3. View all the camera pictures and videos on your Android device directly in a web browser; 4. Upgrade to the PRO version to perform multiple file uploads/downloads, download entire directories with one click, do full backups, stream media playlists, create new directories, delete/rename/copy/zip/unzip files, auto-install apps saved on your device, 5. Simple to use with no set up or buttons – it just works! 6. Password protected; 7. Ability to configure the port settings; 8. Full support for special characters; 9. Send an email to the web link from the app for easy connection; 10. LOTS more features in development; ------ * Before emailing, check FAQs at * * Follow @dooblou on Twitter for all the latest news and updates as they occur * * Find us on Facebook – Search for ‘WiFi File Explorer’ * ------ If you do have problems using this application on your WiFi network, it is most likely a configuration problem with your router/network. Please contact the developer if you have any questions and he may be able to help you ... but please don't rate low because your network isn't configured properly - that isn't the application’s fault ;) Recent changes: - New UI - Bug Fixes - New settings layout - Lots of other stuff ... !