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Dropwords is word-finding puzzle that combines some elements of Scrabble and Boggle, with a dash of Bejeweled. Valid words boost your score and the dwindling timer; used letters disappear and new ones drop down from above. Now with access to PapayaMobile's social network, global leaderboards, and achievements! The game offers three dictionaries: 1. Scrabble: contains all the 2-to-8-letter words from the SOWPODS list of Scrabble competition words. This amounts to 114575 words, including both US and UK spellings. Because this is a Scrabble dictionary, proper nouns like "June" or "Rome" are not included. Plurals are included. 2. Webster's: based on the Webster's New International Dictionary, 2nd Edition, this contains 87416 2-to-8-letter words. Includes some proper nouns, but not plurals or Scrabble-specific words (such as my own favourite, "QI"!). I have added certain words that seemed to be missing in error: BOX, HAS, KID, NEAR. 3. Both! The combination of the Scrabble and Webster's dictionaries, comprising 153136 words. This is the dictionary used by default. You can switch dictionary via the game's Options dialog. Have fun! Note: this game was formerly called Word Drop, but has been renamed due to an unfortunate naming clash with a pre-existing game. Coming soon: 1. Make the Save Game/Abandon Current Game sequence slicker by allowing the player to just press "Back" to auto-save and drop back to the highscores screen. 2. Get the game to auto-save when it gets backgrounded (by the player switching tasks/taking a call). 3. More themes. Please feel free to e-mail me with any bug reports, requests, or questions! Recent changes: 1. Game will no longer stop the phone from sleeping by default (although the "wake lock" can be turned back on via the Options dialog). 2. Fixed some minor layout problems on some screen sizes and densities. Content rating: Everyone

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