At A Glance

Though the stylish LG Prada II is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, it still lacks some key features.

Manufacturer’s Description

KF900 PRADA phone by LG offers a collection of technical upgrades catering to today's highest mobile needs. In the outer peripherals, new handset preserves the same original minimalist exterior that has now become a key design inspiration of touch screen handsets worldwide. A defining modification for the new handset involves a set of aesthetics keys that slide out to form a more professional look that not only grazes an elevated level of sophistication, but is also a highly efficient communication tool that complements the latest PRADA phone by LG's technology.

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The Specs

Processor type Vendor did not disclose
Display size 3.0 inches
Display type Color
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 400 x 240 pixels
Other storage Micro SD
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Vendor Rated Talk Time 3.0 hours
Vendor Rated Standby Time 400.0 hours
Ports and Connections
Headphone Jack
  • 3.5 mm
  • 2.5 mm
Wireless connection Yes
Weight 0.28125 pounds
Image Processor
Megapixels 5.0
Storage Media
SD card Micro SD
GSM 850 1.0
UMTS 1.0
GSM 1900 1.0
GSM 1800 1.0
Supported Video Formats
wmv Yes
Supported Audio Formats
  • AAC Plus
  • AAC
MP3 Yes
Included Software
Operating System Proprietary