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Description ** Widget doesn't work if GTasks was installed on SD card,please move it back and reboot your device. ANDROID OS DOESN'T SUPPORT THAT!!! ** Gtasks is a simple and efficient todo list/task list/check list/notes/ tools. It have both local mode and google account mode. You can sync with your google tasks perfectly. And you can share you list or your task item easily via gmail/note in reader/messaging /google docs and so on. Features: 1. Rich gtask (google task) client, simple todo list, checklist, note/notes pad tool. 2. Synchronize with multiple google accounts automatically, also support local mode. customize sync mode: auto,manual or sync when open/exit 3. scroll horizontally to switch between task/tasklist. 4. order your todo/notes items by due date/name/create order 5. order your task list easily by dragging them 6. Indent, unindent, share, move easily 7. repeat reminder enable, set reminder one-time/daily/weekly/monthly... and so on 8. quick add task by pressing the search key 9. search all task with autocomplete match 10. Widgets(scrolling in LauncherPro/ADWLauncher/GO Launcher) GTasks, to do list, todo list, task, tasks, notes, note pad, notepad,google tasks gmail calendar, Recent changes: 0.7.5 - widgets improvement - bugfix 0.7.4 - widgets improvement, scrolling widgets(works on LauncherPro/ADWLauncher/GO Launcher - quick add bar on task list view(need enable that in settings) - settings: don't show delete confirm dialog - bugfix 0.7.3 - shortcut:view list/new task - widget improve(small font,paging bug) - bugfix:recurring tasks, 12h/24h format, etc. 0.7.2 - Widgets: Launcher pro/ADWLauncher support - Some features improvement, performance improvement. Content rating: Everyone