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Your Desktop as an App! Work just as with your desktop computer on the way, using your Android phone. Access your files any time + Wireless printing, including printing of web pages, to almost any printer without turning on your PC + 2 GB free online storage. >> ACCESS YOUR FILES With the Cortado Workplace app on your Android smartphone, access files stored in your Workplace online storage at any time and work just as on your desktop computer. Documents can be displayed, easily managed, edited via 3rd party apps, sent via e-mail or printed. Accessing the Workplace account via PC, Mac or notebook is also possible using the Cortado Web Explorer or your PC or Mac file explorer. >> CONNECT WORKPLACE AS A CLOUD DRIVE ON A PC, MAC OR NOTEBOOK (WEBDAV) Connect your Workplace storage with just a few clicks as an extra online drive on your computer – without any additional software necessary. You can easily access your Workplace directory via the PC’s own file explorer or the Mac OS Finder and copy files between directories via drag & drop, or save documents directly to Workplace. >> CLOUD PRINTING: PRINT DIRECTLY TO NEARLY ANY PRINTER, WITHOUT TURNING ON A PC Cortado Workplace includes the best printing solution for Android phones. Print documents to nearly any printer that can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the device. To this end Cortado currently hosts more than 6,000 printer drivers that are continuously updated and expanded. Use Cortado Workplace to also print directly from your Android phone’s browser. >> 2 GB FREE ONLINE STORAGE INCLUDED For more information and a quick start guide, see Please read the welcome e-mail sent to you after successful registration (you might need to check your e-mail spam folder). This e-mail contains important and useful information. Recent changes: Bluetooth printing, multi-device support (use your Workplace account with several devices), print and save documents from Mail etc. with “Open In > Cortado”, print from web browser (via “Share Webpage”), install on SDCard (with OS 2.2 or higher)

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