Current Version 4.6.1
Developer Dolphin Browser
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Browsing made wonderful. Dolphin Browser™ HD offers you: *Powerful Add-ons support *Bookmarks Folder support *Multi-touch pinch zoom *Multi Tabs browsing *Powerful Gestures *Smart RSS Detection *Colorful Theme packs support *14 Languages support *Unexpected Closed Tab Recovery For more, visit Recent changes: V4.6.1: *Bug fixed in Google Reader & Gmail : Pages keep refreshing when clicking to show all feeds/ messages *YouTube video bug fixed: videos cannot play in "Android" Mode V4.6: *Add Bookmark Batch editing:delete/move multiple bookmarks at a time *Add option: menu shown up when long pressing the black area of a webpage *Add option: open a url in a new tab by default *Add More actions for Gesture, bring in the concept of "gesture store" *Fixed crashing issue on Xoom *Minor interface refinement

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