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Description Thinking Space is a Mind Mapping application for Android. Portable Mind Mapping has never been so much fun! Create visual mind maps that help organize and plan your activities and ideas. ✔ Awesome mind mapping tools (links, notes, colors, icons) ✔ Great for study, meetings, tasks, planning, go wild! Files produced by Thinking Space are compatible with the following 3rd party desktop Mind Mapping applications: Freemind, Xmind, MindManager, and MindMeister API for premium MindMeister users. Mind maps are great for summarizing meeting minutes, planning new business ventures, organizing your study notes, planning holidays, and more. If you need more explanation, please google 'MindMapping' for plenty more information! Contact the developer with comments/suggestions on email at or by Twitter Recent changes: Bug fixes: ✔ Further XMind file format fixes ✔ Fixed possible crash for when editing relations ✔ Small reduction in memory consumption ✔ Fixed attachment URI issues Content rating: Everyone