Current Version 2011.01.17.1
Developer neilandtheresa
Price $3.00
Filed Under Graphics & design
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This version of Vignette is deprecated. Please look for "Vignette (new version)" instead. If you purchased this version of Vignette, you can go to for a full explanation of the situation and your options. In summary: • If you purchase the new version from the Android Market, we will automatically refund you for the deprecated version, but you will lose your settings from the deprecated version. • If you don't want to lose your settings, you can download and install updates from our website. Follow @VignetteUpdates on Twitter for notifications of new updates. • If Vignette works fine as it is, and you don't want updates, you can continue using it without doing anything. The version of Vignette you purchased will not stop working.

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