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Description *** Selected by Apple as one of the top iPhone apps in 2010 in iTunes Rewind - Hot Trends in 2010. The only calorie counter! *** MyNetDiary is the easiest and most comprehensive diet app available. With over 40 screens, 416,000 foods database and barcode scanner, MyNetDiary’s Calorie Counter PRO is comprehensive and yet very easy to use. Includes free website for online food entry and backup. Works offline without Internet connection. MyNetDiary has already helped over a million people work toward their dieting goals – why not start on your goal today! Featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, and more. ▌USER REVIEWS: * "This is the best tool I have ever used to keep track of my weight loss.” * "Best all in one APP. Deleted 4 apps for this one." * "This app is very easy to use." * "Absolutely awesome – it’s like having your own nutritionist with you at all times.” * "If I could have only one app on my iPhone, this would be it!" ▌WHAT MAKES MYNETDIARY THE BEST ✓ #1 food database - over 416,000 foods. 108,000 foods entered by us and 308,000 popular foods contributed by our members. UPDATED DAILY ✓ Built-in barcode scanner ✓ Absolutely fastest and easiest food entry in the world, saving your time every day. The only app that searches as you type. ✓ Works great offline without Internet connection, with a streamlined offline database ✓ Up to 35 nutrients, including carbs, protein, all types of fat, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, and vitamins ✓ Multiple servings for most foods - grams, oz, cups ✓ Daily Analysis Tool - learn how you can improve and eat more healthfully ✓ Track your water intake ✓ Syncs foods and exercise with (free account included) ✓ Syncs with a special MyNetDiary app optimized for iPad - the top iPad Healthcare & Fitness app ✓ High-quality, beautifully-designed app ✓ IT IS SO EASY TO USE! ▌FOOD TRACKING ✓ Very fast and easy to use – absolutely the fastest app available for food entry! ✓ Searches foods as you type – finds most foods after entering 3-4 letters ✓ Organizes and remembers your favorites and typical servings ✓ Enter your own custom foods ✓ Create recipes ✓ Detailed food labels and food score ✓ Optional food time tracking ▌EXERCISE ✓ Over 500 activities and exercises available at your fingertips ✓ Calculates exercise calories based on MET - your weight ✓ Allows exercise calorie entry - great for body monitors and exercise equipment ✓ Time or distance for running and walking ✓ Enter your own custom exercises ▌PLANNING ✓ Set your target weight ✓ Plan for your target date or desired weight loss rate ✓ Calculates target calories, weight maintenance calories, BMI and BMR ✓ Calculates based on your age, height, weight, gender, and activity level ✓ Includes weekly exercise planning ✓ Carb, fat, and protein budgets/targets, with energy percentages ▌EXTRA EXCITING FEATURES ✓ Tracks daily steps, blood pressure, hours of sleep and work ✓ Beautiful charts comparing plan, averages and meals, measurement charts ✓ Weight progress chart with target weight line ✓ Record and chart all body measurements ✓ Food Scores - understand a food label at glance ✓ Weight-loss projections ✓ Before and After photos ✓ English and metric units ▌SUPPORTED THROUGH MYNETDIARY.COM ✓ State-of-the-art online website for food and exercise entry ✓ Online Community supported by a Registered Dietitian ✓ Google Health integration ✓ Family and private groups, sharing with your doctor, dietitian, or coach ✓ Twitter integration - tweet what you eat and exercise ✓ MyNetDiary Maximum subscribers get access to advanced website features, including a full set of charts and reports, printing, and Excel export