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Description For iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, and iPod touch. PAYware Mobile from VeriFone is a complete payment solution for the iPhone that provides small businesses with a simple and secure way to process credit card transactions. IMPORTANT NOTICE: HOW TO START USING PAYWARE MOBILE - Register at and fill out our quick and easy sign-up form - Shortly after you register, a VeriFone representative will contact you to get started and send you your card encryption sleeve - PAYware Mobile is designed to work with VeriFone’s card reader and secure payment gateway, PAYware Connect ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS WHEREVER YOUR BUSINESS TAKES YOU - Expand your customer base, reduce transaction fees, and break down barriers to business growth - Pocket a chunk of change with more “card present” sales using the VeriFone reader and app - Keep transactions safe with our patented end-to-end encryption – no other manufacturer offers this level of safety & security - Our mobile card encryption sleeve is designed to survive in your business’s rough-and-tumble world, and perform flawlessly THE APP THAT’S ALL THAT - Remarkably easy to use - Swipe a card and a tone tells you the fully encrypted data was accepted - Push a button to capture the signature - Push another to add a tip to the bill - Push one more to finalize the sale - Want to email the receipt? Click. Done. - At any time, review previous transactions, check daily summaries, even view a map showing where transactions took place - Designed to meet PA-DSS V1.2 requirements for application security THE READER THAT’S RUGGED AND CAN KEEP A SECRET - Being tough is important in card readers, and this unit certainly is - But these days, cardholder data security is critical too - The PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve is the only mobile product with patented end-to-end encryption - The moment the card is swiped, data is encrypted and stays that way until its processed by our gateway - The phone never sees, nor does it store, any sensitive data - The Gen I reader fits any iPhone 3G or 3GS model and the Gen 1.5 reader fits iPhone 4, 3G, and 3GS - And because it’s portable, you’ll reduce costs by making more “card present” sales - The design is sturdy and compact, so it’s not only built to survive, but to perform flawlessly - Comes with a built-in stylus for signature capture - Secures customer data and significantly reduces liability risks for your business INTRODUCING THE MOST HASSLE-FREE WAY TO PROCESS CARD PAYMENTS - With PAYware Connect, all it takes to manage your business’s card payments is access to the web - No hardware or software to buy … No payment engine … No electronic engineering degree - You get complete, easy to access transaction data and a reliable gateway service that’s ideal for small businesses - Whether you have one iPhone or ten, PAYware Connect can consolidate all your payments into a single portal - Details of all iPhone transactions are available in real-time MORE INFORMATION / NEED HELP? - Please visit for more information, FAQs, and additional support