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Description Do you wish meal and grocery planning could be made easier? This app makes it quick and easy! ✓ Store your recipes ✓ Create weekly meal plans ✓ Generate your grocery list! MealBoard lets you store your own recipes and create weekly meal plans. It automatically generates your grocery list, too! To plan your meals, just pick from your set of recipes and organize them in the dashboard showing the days of the week. Then, tap the Sync button to generate the grocery list (for the meals you have chosen). You may edit the grocery list by manually adding or removing items. Cut your time spent planning your meals and groceries. With MealBoard, a few taps is all it takes! MealBoard combines recipes, meal planning and groceries into a single app. It is fully customizable. You may add, edit or remove recipes, ingredients, recipe categories, meal types, store sections and grocery items. FEATURES: - Meals organized by day and meal type - Categorize your recipes for easy lookup - Dashboard design lets you easily create your whole week's plan in minutes! - Save your meal plan as a template and use it to create new plans - Maintains a master list of ingredients - Automatic generation of grocery list - Scales grocery quantity based on the number of servings you need - Option to show grocery prices, and total price, for budget-conscious users! - Grocery app functionality that lets you check off grocery items as you do your shopping - Recipe prep notifications - Email your recipes, meal plan and grocery list - Import recipes sent by other MealBoard users - Cloud sync feature lets you backup and share data between devices - Add/edit your recipes through the web interface by logging in at Then you can do a cloud sync to download your changes into your device! - Import recipes from top recipe websites (via the web interface) BENEFITS: - Have all your recipes in one place - Create your week's meal plan in minutes - Never have to think what's for dinner tonight - Save time by generating your grocery list - Save money by cooking at home - Eat healthy! To understand how the app works, a detailed screenshot tutorial can be found at FAQ and help can be found at NOTE TO USERS: You can add/edit categories by going to the Settings screen.