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Slacker's portable music player and Web service let you take your favorite music with you and discover similar artists.

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Take your personalized Slacker Radio stations with you anywhere you go. Built-in Wi-Fi auto-refreshes up to 15 Slacker Radio stations with new content, and the music plays anytime--whether or not you are connected. With the Slacker Portable, the world's first-ever personal radio player, you can now take your favorite music with you, and discover new music along the way. Personalized Radio With the Slacker Portable, the world's first-ever personal radio player, you can now take your favorite music with you. Choose from more than 100 expertly programmed radio stations, or custom-build your own using the vast Slacker artist network. The more you listen, the better Slacker gets at automatically delivering the music you want to hear. Effortless Create your own unique radio experience with Slacker Personal Radio. You know what you like--Slacker knows how to deliver it. Slacker's Internet radio offering is built on the expertise of DJs from all over the country, and just by listening, you make Slacker even smarter at delivering more music that you love. Music Discovery Perfect your listening experience using Slacker's exclusive personalization tools. With the buttons, tell Slacker Radio which songs are your favorites--and which ones you never want to hear again. Fine-tune any station--get more hits, or request older artists over new, for instance. Album reviews and artist bios come with every song and are delivered right to your Slacker Portable. View them on the 4-inch color LCD. Advanced Radio Clocks Slacker DJs operate using a proven method of picking and mixing songs to deliver excellent musical variety that complements your tastes. This patent-pending DJ technology is embedded in the Slacker Portable to create the very best radio stations. The more you listen, the better it performs to deliver new music you'll love. Choose from more than 100 expertly programmed radio stations, or custom-build your own. Get new music instantly from the vast Slacker music library by connecting at hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi spots across the country. Slacker Basic Radio: Free Take the world's first-ever personal radio player with you for nonstop, customized music wherever you go. On the Slacker Portable, store thousands of songs for repeated listening, or connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to get new music instantly. With hours of battery life, the Slacker Portable is built to go where you go. To offer your favorite music for free, the Slacker Basic Radio service might play one to two ads an hour. That's significantly fewer ads than traditional radio, so you can relax and easily enjoy your favorite music. Plus, it's all completely legal. Slacker has unique licensing agreements with thousands of record labels to give you free access to a variety of music. By working directly with the record labels, Slacker gets the latest content to ensure your radio stations always stay current. Upgrade to Slacker Premium Radio If you want even more out of the service, pay just $7.50 per month for Slacker Premium, which puts you in control. What's the difference between Slacker Basic and Slacker Premium? First, Premium subscribers can avoid the ads that played in the Basic service. So, it's an ad-free listening experience. Next, Premium subscribers have access to Slacker Request Song, which lets you add your favorite artists' songs to your station. Then, use Slacker's fine-tuning controls to indicate how often those requested songs should play. Third, Premium subscribers have no limits on the number of songs they skip, letting listeners create the exact music experience they want. (Basic listeners are limited to six skips per hour, per station.) And fourth, as a Premium subscriber, you can save your favorite songs with the touch of a button. Saved songs are added to your library so that you can listen to them any time. You also can save your favorites to your PC using the Slacker Software Player. It's the ultimate personal radio experience. Slacker Pr

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