Current Version Version: 1.4.2
Author Thomas Blackburn
Price $7.00
Description The Project Planning application to manage multiple projects and tasks on the move. Now updated for iPhone 4. Key Benefits include: - View your tasks as a task list or Gantt time plan. - Quickly set tasks dates using the innovative touch controls. - Intuitive Task linking to easily navigate a hierarchy of linked tasks. - Backup and share your projects using Google Docs. - Organise your tasks into groups or phases. - Use milestones to identify key activities. Sharing is easy - Send a PDF copy of your plan by Email. - Import/Export your projects to Google Docs. - Export tasks to Microsoft Project or Excel. - Email selected tasks to friends and colleagues. Editing - Link dependent Tasks to automatically update when date changes are made. - Track tasks by status (To-do, Waiting, In Progress or Completed). - Powerful keyword search to find tasks and notes. - Batch update multiple tasks to change dates or status. - Sort tasks alphabetically or by date. - Display or hide notes - Show/Hide completed tasks Gantt Chart - Rotate your iPhone or iPod to view a landscape Gantt chart. - Change the timescale to view Weeks, Months or Quarters. Visit our website to find out more. Requires OS 3.1.2 or later

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