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Description What others are saying about Perfectly Clear: "There are A TON of iPhone photography apps out there but one of the best is Athentech's Perfectly Clear app which improves your photos instantly. We love the interface which gives you some great "before and after" action." - "What do I think about Perfectly Clear? In a word "FANTASTIC". This app does everything that iFlashReady and AutoAdjust can do for me, but with much greater control.” - "I love showing the innovation of the Perfectly Clear iPhone app to my customers and friends! The user experience is very slick - I really like the way the original photo peels off to show the corrected photo. The automatic corrections are very effective, consistently producing a better looking and accurate photo with no effort on my part. This app really has the potential to encourage users to do more with their photos due to the increase in photo quality." -Ken Easdon, Fuji Film, Professional Products "Perfectly Clear is an apt (pun intended) name for this software since it automatically removes that flat, grey, haze from your iPhone shots to produce bright, crisp, and colorful images. Not sure what Athentech is using in its special sauce—Perfectly Clear apparently employs several patented technologies—but the before and after slider in the app produces dramatic results." - ~~~ Tired of dark, washed-out, flat, and fuzzy photos with your iPhone? With 1 click you can now have your photos automatically corrected! The Perfectly Clear app applies multi-patented corrections automatically to your photos. Powered by the same technology licensed to many of the largest photography companies, retailers, and labs around the world. To learn more about what sets our digital corrections apart from traditional corrections, check our website: Simply take a photo, or choose one from your library, and Perfectly Clear will automatically correct it. There are 2 presets that you can use to correct your photo, or you can easily and quickly tweak your photo by adjusting 5 different algorithms. 1. EXPOSURE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perfect Exposure is the most important correction and forms the core for all other corrections. It . This patented approach optimizes the light in every pixel correcting the image to emulate how your eye gathers light thereby replicating what you saw when you took the photo. 2. CONTRAST: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perfectly Clear optimizes the contrast, choosing the right amount of shadow to provide those 3D cues without losing details in those shadows. Increasing the shadows in a photo helps reveal the textures and shapes in the scene, providing visual cues of the 3D world in a 2D photograph. 3. COLOR VIBRANCY: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perfectly Clear’s color vibrancy correction puts the rich colors back into your photo. Due to the linear nature of digital camera sensors, when more light is gathered, the sensors frequently become over saturated and color vibrancy is lost. 4. SHARPEN: ~~~~~~~~~~~ Perfectly Clear’s proprietary sharpening is a series of algorithms developed to deliver a crisp looking photo that is artifact free. 5. TINT REMOVAL: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perfectly Clear will detect any color cast or abnormal tint in your photo and this patent pending algorithm will automatically correct these unwanted tints. TIPS: ~~~~~ • Slide your finger sideways across the photo to compare the before and after results. • Tapping your finger on the photo will toggle between the before and after image. • The “Default” preset is applied to each image when first loaded. • The “Fix Dark” preset is particularly good for images that have very dark and very bright areas. • For fixing really dark images try turni