Manufacturer’s Description

With its exclusive 1/2.7-inch 3rd- Generation Super CCD sensor, the FinePix F402 features 2.1 million effective pixels, which produce superb quality images of 2304 x 1728 (4.0 million) recording pixels. Along with a newly developed image-processing algorithm, the Super CCD delivers significant improvement in overall image quality, with classleading sensitivity, rich tonality, high signal/noise ratio, and natural color. Miniature in size yet solid in feel, the FinePix F402 features a rugged, all-metal case. Highlighting its contemporary square shape is a unique sliding-grip on-off switch with eye-catching cool blue power lights. Playback mode lets you review captured still images and movie clips on the high resolution 1.5-inch low-temperature polysilicon TFT-LCD monitor. For all of its capabilities, the FinePix F402 makes it quick and easy to operate all camera functions. Most major controls are accessed via one-touch buttons and the LCD screen on the rear panel. And you'll enjoy using the graphical user interface, with its clear on-screen menus.