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Description *** Reached No. 1 in Education in the App Store! *** When it’s time to potty train your little one, Elmo leads the way! The Potty Time with Elmo app is a fun way to ease the transition from diapers to big-kid underpants. Developed for children ready to potty train, this charming app features everyone’s favorite furry red monster, Elmo, helping his toy Baby David learn to use the potty. Also included are animated stickers, a reward chart, puzzles, and 5 fun songs: + When It’s Potty Time, You Feel It + I Am Waiting on the Potty + Flush Goes the Potty + I Wash, Wash, Wash My Hands + Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great to Be a Big Kid With familiar tunes and instructive, easy-to-sing lyrics, the songs provide a super fun way to learn good bathroom habits. The Potty Time with Elmo app will engage, encourage, and delight even the youngest kids. Learn the basics of potty use by listening to the story and interacting with it. Wait for the giggles to start! Tap around to hear fun sounds and Elmo’s encouraging words. Tap Elmo’s radio to hear catchy potty-time songs and sing along. Find stickers to collect on every story screen and add them to the sticker book. And track potty progress with the Sticker Reward Chart. This comprehensive potty-training app includes: + Elmo, a favorite Sesame Street friend! + Elmo-voiced catch phrases and positive reinforcement + Lively storybook narration, with sound effects + 5 fun-to-sing potty-time songs + 15 animated stickers that are collected in a sticker book + Sticker Reward Chart to track your child’s progress + 5 potty-themed puzzles + Helpful training tips for parents of would-be potty-goers + 3 reading modes to choose from: . . . • “Read to Me” mode, which lets you hear the story read aloud; find stickers, sounds, and songs; and turn the pages . . . • “Read It Myself” mode, which lets you read the story yourself OR hear it read aloud; find stickers, sounds, and songs; and turn the pages . . . • “Just Watch” mode, which automatically plays the story, sounds, and songs, and turns the pages—no interaction required.