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Author Nigel Jenkins
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Description Put ideas to digital paper and share them wirelessly between iPads. Shared Paper lets you sketch or draw your thoughts, design and ideas on a vast digital whiteboard and connect up to 16 iPads to work on them together. Then quickly turn all your sketches, drawings and designs into a polished slideshow and present them directly from the app. Now you don't need a conference room or an office with a whiteboard to brainstorm and share your ideas. !!! Shared Paper Lite let’s you try it for FREE and you can use Shared Paper Lite to connect to any full version of Shared Paper and create a shared workspace for up to an amazing 16 iPads!  ***** REVIEWS ***** Cult of Mac - "Shared Paper is a lovely app...It’s one of those apps with wide appeal. Anyone who needs to present information – students, business people, academics – could put it to use. - ".. a dazzling business tool." - ".. even better than industry standard sketching apps like SketchBook Pro. - “..brilliant...easy to embrace. Very clever...stellar app. Two very big thumbs up!” ***** CAPTURE IDEAS Shared Paper is easy to use and turns your iPad into a practically limitless canvas that lets you express ideas so easily. Sketch freely or draw with precision, add text and images and then polish the results with powerful editing tools. COLLABORATE WIRELESSLY Connect up to 15 additional nearby iPads over WiFi (6 on Bluetooth) and create a shared workspace. All can now view and modify the same content across multiple iPads. It’s like having a giant digital whiteboard everywhere you go; in a meeting room, hotel lobby, airport lounge or even in the sunshine in the park! Now Shared Paper Lite can also join the collaboration, so it is free for anyone to join a session and, when connected, object limits on the Lite version are removed so any size of project can be shared. PRESENT AND SHARE Summarising the ideas you’ve created is simple, just select the views from across your canvas to turn them into a great looking slideshow that can be presented on the iPad, to a connected display or wirelessly to other iPads. Export your slides into a pdf document or set of jpg images that can be emailed directly from the app. KEY FEATURES - Sketch freely or draw with precision - ‘Intelligent Brush’ automatically recognises shapes and smartens input - Add images and text which can be modified or edited at anytime - ‘Infinite Canvas’ - a vast expansive workspace - 11 levels of zoom for detail work - Edit anything anytime - move, rotate, resize, copy, paste and duplicate - Edit multiple objects, points and lines - Scalable grid snap for accurate placement and adjustment - ‘Sticky Snap’ rotation tool enables precision or free rotation - Limitless undo and redo - Theme objects with a variety of colour gradients and textures - Intuitive colour palette for rapid colour selection - Wireless collaboration with nearby iPads for up to 16 over WiFi and 6 over Bluetooth - Bookmarks to store specific views of the canvas - Slide Editor to summarise and present your session - Export to pdf and jpg formats and share via email or iTunes - Output to external displays with VGA and HDMI and with also Airplay on Apple TV with iPad2 - Interactive tutorial and extensive help WHO IS IT FOR? - Business: meetings, focus groups, brainstorming, presentations and ideas planning - At Home: planning home alterations, garden layouts or marking up a map - Education: interactive classroom sessions, tutorials, note taking or illustrating concepts - Anyone who needs to annotate documents with notes, sketches and images - For groups who want to brainstorm, collaborate and interactively develop ideas - Impromptu meetings in locations without facil

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