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Description ★★★★★ "I recommend this app to anyone and everyone." -Robert Nelson, Technology Tell ★★★★★ "This app works wonderfully." -Lori Gil, AppAdvice LIMITED TIME SPRING SALE: MotionX-Sleep is now 80% off, only $0.99! ✦ Sleep Better ✦ Wake Up Refreshed ✦ Be More Active _______________________________________ SLEEP BETTER ✔ Monitor sleep cycles ✔ Visualize sleep ✔ Use the in-app placement test to optimize device placement on bed; works with any mattress including Tempur-Pedic® _______________________________________ WAKE UP REFRESHED ✔ MotionX-Sleep wakes you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle ✔ Super easy set up for the Smart Sleep Cycle Alarm ✔ Wakeup to your favorite iPod song, or any of the built-in sounds such as jungle, rain, ocean waves, and many more sounds! _______________________________________ BE MORE ACTIVE ✔ Accurately track your daily steps and calories burned over the course of the day ✔ Set up "Get Active" alerts to let you know when you've been sedentary for too long ✔ Use the voice coach to announce progress updates and to inspire you to keep moving! _______________________________________ NOTE: Placing your iPhone on a solid surface such as the floor or a table while recording sleep causes MotionX to become highly sensitive to very small movements. This level of sensitivity is required for users sleeping on a very firm or motion-absorbing mattress (such as Tempur-Pedic). However, with the iPhone on the floor or table, noise from the accelerometer sensor can be registered as sleep cycles resulting in a random sleep graph and random sleep statistics. Ensure that you place your iPhone according to the instructions, either in bed or in an armband, so that MotionX can accurately monitor your sleep and wake you up at the optimal time. Please watch the in-app quickstart video to see how to position the iPhone optimally for best results. MotionX is committed to constant improvement. We always listen to our users and continuously add the most requested features. We appreciate your feedback!