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Description Phrase Wit goes beyond the list to get to the gist. Like its sister app, Word Wit, Phrase Wit has been featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy and What's Hot. It's the latest entry in a NEW GENERATION of learning apps. ONE REVIEW ★★★★★ "Anchors aweigh? When did that happen? Since I enjoyed Word Wit so much, I decided to give Phrase Wit a try. I'm truly in awe of how rusty I am. The game is a blast, but I think that the descriptions are where the fun is. The origins of these phrases are fascinating! I am definitely looking forward to future updates!" Enjoy reading fascinating explanations — written by Ballpoint's team of writers, editors, and scholars — about common phrases that often get mangled in writing. A quick etymology lesson or a clever mnemonic should clear up your own confusions in a jiffy. Quotes from beloved authors show these phrases aptly employed in literature. But see how they're mangled by writers on the Internet, and sympathize or laugh in recognition. These can be tricky! A timed multiple-choice quiz section lets you fill-in-the-blank with your best guess of which phrase belongs in a sentence. These questions are designed to deepen your learning and to let you have a little fun doing so. Future free upgrades will add more confusing phrases; more graphical elements and harder challenges will turn the quiz into a true game. HOW IT WORKS ➤ Spin the signature Ballpoint wheel to generate random selections from over 100 pairs of Phrases — a list that will grow through future updates. Phrases also can be searched or found in the alphabetical List. ➤ On the Description pages, each phrase comes alive: Where’s it from? How’s it spelled? Why? How can I remember the difference? For each entry, Ballpoint’s team of educators aim to nail the reasons people get confused, and to create memorable learning through insights and mnemonics. ➤ Quotes from classic and current books show the correct phrase used in the correct sense. Quotes showing real-life incorrect usage come from (where else?) the Web. ➤ Trends slider activates a Medusan circle animation that generates Phrases, à la the Spin Wheel, showing relative popularity among users. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Improvements? Please send them to us directly at Ballpoint is committed to making your learning and playing experiences rich and worthwhile.