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Description The slickest way to identify any song you hear. MusicID with Lyrics instantly recognizes tunes playing on the radio, TV, at the club, or anywhere else. 
Discover, explore, and ID as much music as you want. With MusicID with Lyrics, you can: ♫ Identify music playing from a speaker ♫ Buy tracks easily on iTunes ♫ Watch YouTube music videos & concerts ♫ Discover new music from Similar Songs ♫ View artist biographies and song lyrics ♫ Search for songs by Title, Artist Name, or Lyric Phrase ♫ Listen to song previews ♫ Add tracks from your iPod library and play them in MusicID ♫ Geo-tag identified songs 

”MusicID blows away the other two competitors...with both its dazzling interface as well as its ton of unrivaled features." Notes: The iPod touch does not have a built-in microphone. In order to use the music identification feature, simply plug in a compatible headset/microphone. 1st generation iPod touch are not compatible.