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Description ★ UPDATED & ENHANCED FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Use Storie to capture and share your favorite stories from this holiday season! --- Whether it's a vacation you just returned from, a family recipe, or a celebration of your quirky and creative side, Storie's unique and beautiful storytelling format lets you tell your stories the way you want others to remember them. Share your stories only with your closest friends, or with the rest of the Storie community. Experience the world through our shared stories - you might learn something new along the way. Stories can be posted on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or even embedded on your blogs and websites. FEATURES Tell your stories as they are happening or import photos from your photo album, Facebook or Instagram account. Share your stories with everyone, or make them unlisted and share them only with close friends and family. Stories can be posted to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, and embedded on blogs and websites. Our awesome, new & improved photo filters turn your photos into works of art. Happy storie-telling!