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Jabra Revo Wireless

Buying Guide: Find the best headphones

If you're looking to get more audio enjoyment from from your smartphone, tablet, media player, or computer, new headphones will do wonders. To help you find the perfect set of headphones, our annual buying guide covers what to look (and listen) for, descriptions of the different types, and recommendations for standout models.

Sennheiser Momentum - CES 2013

Sennheiser Momentum - CES 2013

Zooka's Bar-Shaped Speakers Crank up Gadgets' Sound

The Bluetooth speakers from Carbon Audio bring impressive quality -- and a microphone -- to smartphones and tablets.

AirPlay Speakers You Can Actually Buy

AirPlay-enabled speaker systems are finally widely available.

Earphones to Wear When You Want to Hear More Than Music

AfterShokz earphones sit in front of your ear, allowing you to hear what's going on around you while you're listening to your MP3 player.

Holiday Gifts for the the Bores, Drones, and Brats on Your Gift List

From cockroach swatter slippers to bad breath detectors, these gift suggestions will give the naughty on your list something to crab about.

Holiday Tech Gadget Sneak Peek

Gadget makers are gearing up for the holidays, showing off AudioBulbs, Kinect add-ons, and sub-$250 tablets. Here is a look at what they'll be promoting.

Astro A*Star Earbud Review

PCWorld Senior Editor Jason Cross picked up a pair of the new $80 Astro A*Star in-ear headphones, and after using them on the windy streets of San Francisco for a week he's back to give us his review.

Apple Stores: Crazy Customers, Homeless Webcasters and Drug Dealers: Yeah, Right

An Apple employee spills the secrets of Apple store life to Popular Mechanics.

Skunk Juice Headphones Use Magnets to Protect Your Player

Creepily listen in on a stranger’s music, or protect your computer from getting pulled of the desk--either way, these headphones offer some unique options.

50 Cent Launches Headphones With Sleek

Sleek and rapper 50 Cent team up to bring you headphones with street cred.

The House of Marley Launches Eco-Conscious Sound Line

Bob Marley wants you to go green with his new line of headphones and docks.

Able Planet Tower of Power

This monster sound system won't use up a monstrous amount of energy.

Pure Contour: A Stylish Digital Radio With iPhone/iPod Dock

The ultimate entertainment dock, the Contour lets you tune into the music on your iPhone as well as hundreds of digital radio stations from around the world.