Don't-Miss Home theater Stories

logitech k830 backlit

Logitech's TV-controlling keyboard can light up a room

The Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 features backlit keys so you'll never have to fumble for that remote control when watching a movie in a darkened room.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon's Fire TV hints at bigger plans for the living room

Fire TV could be a doorway to online shopping as well as just games and movies


Court order forces Aereo out of Denver, Salt Lake City

The ongoing legal battle over Aereo means that residents of two cities have lost access to the controversial streaming service.

roku streaming stick

Roku slims down the set-top box with its new Streaming Stick

The $50 Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into an HDMI port on your TV, bringing the full Roku experience of access to 1,200 streaming channels without all those cables.


Mohu wants you to let its device be your guide for over-the-air programming

Cord cutters should take a keen interest in Mohu Channels, which promises to deliver an on-screen programming guide for over-the-air HD channels alongside your favorite streaming services and websites.

vbox all devices

Free the TV: VBox's DVR lets you record and watch from any device

Debuting at Mobile World Congress and arriving in the U.S. later in 2014, the V@Home TV Gateway DVR lets you watch and record live TV on multiple devices at once.


QPlay is yet another TV box, this one focused on playlists

The $50 box from TiVo's co-founders lets you sit back and soak up the YouTube.

beatles appletv

Apple, Beatles come together for Apple TV channel

Could other musical acts or types of content follow suit with Apple TV-specific channels?

tivo roamio

TiVo says it's still making hardware despite layoffs

The DVR maker denied reports that it would kill off its hardware division, though TiVo is developing a cloud-based approach to TV show recording.

sony lifespace ux

Sony's Life Space UX demo boasts of interactive entertainment

Lights, projectors, speakers, displays, and sensors work together to create a dreamy living room experience.

4k vizio p series straighton ces2014

The TVs of CES: Smarter, curved, and in gorgeous 4K that finally clicks

The TV companies at CES insist this really is the year of 4K and smart interfaces you'll actually want to use. And from what we've seen, we tend to agree—as long as the price is right.

tablo with tablet

Over-the-air TV on your phone or tablet? There's a Tablo for that

The Tablo DVR lets you watch and record live TV to play on your tablet or smartphone—no television required.

sony x950b 4k tv

Sony expands 4K TV range with nine new models

Sony further pushes 4K lineup with the flagship XBR-X950B series.

samsung finger gestures ces 2014

Samsung's 2014 Smart TVs want you to wave your finger in the air

Finger gestures and improved voice control are coming to Samsung's Smart TV lineup slated to debut at CES in January.

lg 105 inch curved tv

CES preview: LG teases its thinner, smarter, curvier home theater gear

From a ridiculously huge 105-inch curved TV to sound bars and speakers you might actually buy, LG has a lot planned at CES next month.